Project Icebreak

Hi! My name is Pamela. I've attended over 100 conferences. I've actually hid in the bathroom during the networking events of at least 5 of them, and I've wanted to at most of them. I get so nervous while networking, wracking my brain to figure out exactly what to say to who for how long.

I want networking to be easy - or at least easier - for myself and others. This site is a collection of ideas and experiments to help both attendees and organizers achieve that.

An attendee in a sea of strangers Attendees:

Are you planning on attending an event and nervous about how you'll meet people and what you'll say to them? Check out the Attendee Tips.

An organizer with a clipboard Organizers:

Are you organizing an event and want to make sure that your attendees have fun, easy ways to get to know each other? Check out the Organizer Ideas.

You can also check out the Etsy shop for a few tools I've created based on the tips here.